This collection includes a series of products designed for the summer and features models such as Ballerina Shoes, Moccasins and Shoes with perforated leather uppers mounted on lightweight, flexible and non-slip bottoms.
The collection is completed by lines of women’s slippers, flip flops and sandals, also with leather uppers combined with high quality fabrics and embellished with fresh and novel accessories. Aeros footwear is part of the collection, entirely hand-stitched and providing absolute comfort and lightness.
This collection’s footwear is natural leather lining and insole for perfect breathability, maximum softness and absolute comfort.

All products have leather uppers and a light or warmer textile lining – depending on the model – and are designed to meet the needs of the coldest markets, like Russia and Northern Europe. The materials of the upper are embellished by a series of accessories that enrich the aesthetic rate of the footwear, aligning it with the latest fashion trends and inputs.
With its casual style, this collection is designed for customers who want high quality materials at a fair price.